Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ok, for all of the people out there bashing me and my book, WITHOUT reading it, take a look. The book is not a total criticism of all black men especially those over 50. There is clearly a generational gap with regards to manhood, but at the same time we have to ask ourselves why is our dating pool depleted with regards to a great number of men not being suitable mates.
My book;s chapter entitled Scumbag files and When Bad Dates happen to Good people are actuall past relationships and dates. I think that all women
know that scumbags come in any shape,size, or color. I love my community but I think that it is time we examine why our marriage rates are so low and why 70% of our children
are being raised in single-headed households. These rates are appalling, our babies derserve better than that. And we also need to stop blaming black women for these low marriage rates, it is clearly not all of our fault.
Yes, my book is controversial, but my heart is in the right place. I sincerely hope that this book sparks the conversation that we need to have. All the dysfunctional activities that we have in our community such as
gang violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, poverty etc. can all be improved if we start with each family. Some may say that I am criticizing single parents, I am not saying that a single parent cannot raise a happy, well adjusted child, but we need to start learning to coparent in the cases when the couple cannot stay together. As long as the child knows that they are not being abandoned they can flourish.


  1. I'm a year late to the party, but i commend you for your book Nazaree.

    Black women need to exercise ALL of our many options. At first i was going to be this Sister that could only have a Black man. Nope. Not playing that game anymore. I'm not going to be exclusive any more with a race of men who seem determined to be bachelor's for the rest of their lives. Not to say ALL of them, but too many just have way too many hang-ups about women and gender roles. I'm 30 (very young) and don't want to waste anymore time, and i'm certainly not going to agree to bring brown babies into this world without a ring, commitment and decent home. Keep up the excellent work! I too have always been attracted to nerdy Jewish men that are slim *giggles*.

    1. Great to hear Phoebe, please tell your friends and family to share an interracial dating story here or on my fb page. I will be giving away an autographed copy of the book. The deadline is Sept 15th. Best wishes ! Nazaree

  2. No offense but I love Jewish men and plan on marrying one but I know more in depth on why there's alot of dysfunctional black households, domestic violence, gang violence,drug abuse,alcoholism,poverty,and single family households. These statistics and outcomes were and are originating from generations of psychological slavery due to Black people not knowing their history as in not just the general intellectually shallow degree of non-bias teaching to serve and dislike yourself in comparison to others due to blacks in history being too nice and trusting of dangerous people due to their strengths being known by others so the others emphasize their kindness for weakness,mental abuse from insecure races,creeds,and other types,also origins of people, lack of understanding about unity due to the Willie Lynch Syndrome,black genocides of prominent people who were known to make the blacks come together quickly and fiercely with spreading realization to the high degree of others being afriad so people systematically abused their authority and power by creating false ideologies to start a bigger gap of division with other insecure people due to more quantities then qualities of different types of insecure narcissistic colors and countries of racial people so with numbers you can control life,time, and physical outcomes of others,places,events, and or things which then also engenders powerlessness mentally with extreme low self esteem which is also the cause for bio terrorism onto black people as well as other races,groups of people selective breeding due to education being taken as well so misleading,manipulation,hesitation from the other powerful people who dont know their true self wroth due to their kindness mentally and physically being used for weakness to the point of being able to commit more mental abuse in a trace like cult state to make them want to kill off their own kind for you as in servant, taking away systematic opportunities taken away out of sheer arbitrary from others which is where institutionalization becomes very instrumental since they just got lead to the realistic when being abused by gangs of narcissistic, jealous, insecure, sad, scared,ignorant,brainwashed people, I should know I have a very high cue to the point of being physically proven correct,it's in history also,my family isn't ignorant we are very old fashioned black people as in knowing alot of about this and trying our hardest in our household to get rid of itas well as from a young age understanding this and changing environments as well as surrounding ourselves with mentally wholesome people who are not racist,systematically abusive, taking therapy,thinking for ourselves even when it's really hard at times but knowing the extreme outcome that occurs when we as a united people do, I'd like to add that I'm also autistic so sorry for seeming like an intellectual bully. I love Jewish men but plan to marry an unorthodox one who isn't so much from Ham along with non bias Jewish guys as in staying away from narcissistic Jewish men, my household is only ran by my mom with my parents divorced since I was a baby was due to my father being Autistic but very aware and knowledgeable of his further in depth black history but he had a severe disability and mental illness so he made my mom unable to stay with him alot of blacks are too prideful for and from their mental illnesses, disabilities, and pride to the point extreme physical,mental denial . Also my last name is Hines its German and British so I should know this the last name means servant

  3. Its great to discover all of our history especially when traditional history books seem to start at slavery and end with the Civil Rights era. They also skip wonderful periods such as The Black Renaissance Period. Love the conversations, keep it coming! Nazaree